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What we have experienced recently has led us to reflect on how to renew the bond between humans, nature, the oceans and our forests. We came up with the idea of creating a brand of bold, fresh, timeless accessories with recycled and sustainable materials.

We want to generate a cultural movement, which creates more awareness to keep our oceans clean and our forests full of trees and life and for this we put our heart and soul into creating accessories that leave a positive imprint on you and our planet.

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Our measures


If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Our planet is giving us unequivocal signals of the need to act and change the way things are done. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries on this planet, society consumes 400% more clothes and takes half the time to dispose of them than twenty years ago. Now more than ever we have a responsibility to rethink what we want for the future. At Ikaremin we pride ourselves on producing collections in favor of slow and environmentally responsible fashion. We use recycled PU, something that allows us to save on raw materials, waste, CO₂ emissions and an energy expenditure that ends up impacting on global warming.

cleaning the oceans
Help clean oceans

Our products focus on the design and creation of something beautiful, lively, colourful, unique pieces that transcend time, timeless. Limited products that represent and inspire us. More than a brand, we want to be a philosophy of life. The concept is to recover and make everyone aware that this is our planet and it must be protected from the clothing industry, as it is one of the most polluting in the world, recover waste and transform it into rolls of fabric, PU recycled and prevent them from accumulating on the bottom or on the surface of the oceans. All our products are made with love and with organic materials, recycled from plastic waste.

global recycled standard
quality materials
Exceptional quality

We are proud to use as little natural resources as possible (materials, transport and energy). ¡We have invested and studied every product without limits! The extreme quality and finishes of our PET materials. All this effort means that we can reduce water consumption by 20%, energy consumption by 50% and reduce CO emissions by 60%. We use 100% vegan leather, cotton and 100% recycled polyester in all our creations. We make timeless, eco-friendly designs with the planet, and we try to cause the minimum environmental impact to all living beings and the planet. ¡We have set out to develop sustainable accessories and make a difference together with YOU!

¡Based on love for nature!

¡Our closeness to nature is at the heart of our team, which has been working and revolutionizing the
since 2005! With great passion, dedication, love and high quality standards, we develop timeless, recycled accessories,
for your daily life that also help protect our environment!

love of nature
Phone pouch reciclado Nimeraki
Our mission:
Green options!

We aim to develop sustainable products
that minimize the impact on the environment.
We want to inspire others in our work!
We managed to respect our environment
without making the product expensive!

Every step helps!

¡And our path is GREEN! Everything we do has an impact on the planet! Therefore, we manufacture being environmentally friendly, sustainable and we want to become a totally ecological company! ¡With you, we can take action on climate change!

Ikaremin, 100% recycled and sustainable bags and accessories
We use 100% recycled materials
You can help more with friends!

We are a community. A great team!
We follow the same vision and you can also
promote the circular economy! Promoting it is not only
in companies like us. You can also contribute
by adopting simple habits in your day to day.
Help preserve the planet’s natural resources!


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Ikaremin, 100% recycled and sustainable bags and accessories

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