Authentic Gold Leaf Buddhist Bracelets Pack 5u


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Authentic Buddhist Gold Leaf Bracelets – Gold Leaf Bracelet: Pack of 5 units.


  • 🍀They symbolize Unity, Love, Luck, Professional Success, Protection, Infinite Good Fortune for those who wear them.
  • 🪶Recycled plastic,flexible and lightweight, embellished with fine gold leaf
  • 📏 Measurements: 6.2 cms inside and 5 mm thick.
  • 💧 They are water resistant and their brightness gains over time.
  • ♥Best Odd: we recommend wearing them in odd numbers to attract the lucky gift

The history and tradition of Gold Leaf bracelets

Gold Leaf Bracelets, also called Buddhist, Tibetan, Temple Junks, Kumlai or Temple Bracelets, are handmade by monks from Southeast Asian Buddhist temples, original from Thailand. History says they are blessed to bring good luck to their possessor. They spread LOVE, LUCK, PROTECTION, UNITY and GOOD FORTUNE.

Buddhist monks give them to people who donate to their temples as a symbol of gratitude. They are the bracelets of good luck par excellence. And they say if someone gives them to you, it’s that they want you to be very lucky in life.

The story goes that for their creation the monks collect gold dust from the offerings to Buddha and fill each bracelet with it, then seal it with a prayer of protection and sacred oils.


Mantra and meaning of golden Tibetan bracelets

Its closure or connector carries a Mantra engraved in Sanskrit:

  • Mantra of Love (Love) – เมตตามหานิยม
  • Mantra of Luck – โชคลาภ

Composition: Recycled Plastic and Gold Leaf

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